Sunday, 3 March 2013

Five minus Two

1.       I had occasion to be browsing a local paper in South Buckingham yesterday, and came across this headline on page 5: ‘Mystery Aardvark Found Dead’.  Mr Python lives!
2.      Some research has uncovered a totally forgotten track by my old band, Dave Anthony’s Moods, called ‘So Nice’.  It’s weird and, well, weird.  More later, maybe.
3.      The best joke in the Billy Elliot musical [SPOILER, but can’t resist it]: Billy receives his reply from the dancing school and reads the envelope, frowning.  “William Elliot is queer?”  His dad snatches it and reads.  “ESQUIRE!!”
4.      Will be about some strange wee beasties, and
5.      There isn’t a 5. 


  1. = 3

    strange wee beasties sound exciting more exciting than 5 gone missing. Was that by Enid?

  2. Did a bit of Googling. Am totally impressed that you played with a guy who I've always rated as a drummer and ended up with Uriah Heep (one of my favourite bands). Mind you, I am at that impressionable age.

  3. Hi Tim .. of course I'm interested in what you said about your ultimate discovery of this DAM's unreleased track, so if you want tell me more, please write to me, you know my e-mail address


  4. I could probably dine out on 3 - it's gone down well so far with everyone I've told.

    And I am also impressed by 2 - as big as The Beatles in Italy, eh? Which one are you on the YouTube video of A Whiter Shade - only I can't see any nearly baldies there, but quite a few moustaches.

  5. Enid would never have written 'Five Gone Missing', Zig. 'Went', possibly, but more likely 'Go'. (NB See The Inky Fool this very subject, if you haven't already.)

    Sir B, yes, Lee was a brilliant drummer, and I always regret that we didn't recruit him to DAM.

    Luca, email coming!

    AQ, I'm the handsome one with lots of hair, obvs.