Sunday, 24 March 2013

Five questions

Because my concentration levels on anything other than top-of-the-range matters seem to be more depleted than the country’s gas reserves at the moment, no brain reserves left for deeper analysis.  So:

1.      How come Cyprus needs bailing out?  It’s only little.

2.      What’s a ‘reader’, and how come I’ve never wanted one?

3.      How come my local news tells me about snowdrifts in Arran?

4.      Why doesn’t San Marino need bailing out, then?

5.      Why did the man in the VW Polo nearly kill us both this morning in order to get in front of me on the single-lane section of the A4 in order to turn left at the roundabout?


  1. The answer to one of these questions involves VW drivers being arses. Plus he was probably upset about the demise of Google Reader in Cyprus. San Marino is a leaky rowing boat.

  2. As I said, Rog, I cant do deep answers to these deep questions: so thank's load's for you're help. Oh,oops, loose apostrophe's flyin' round the room, back later

  3. It seemed to jump out of nowhere in the insolvency stakes, no one had suggested it might be short of the readies. I guess that size, or a lack of it, isn't everything, but surely a little place like Cyprus can only owe a few billion, hardly enough to pay the average mortgage in Kensington.

    I don't suppose you've ever wanted an iPhone either, but if you had one you'd not want to give it up.

    More exciting than a bit of snow in Reading? Mind you, the sight of a car embedded half way up a house in Lowestoft was quite exciting too, and fairly close to home as far as I'm concerned.

    Maybe we just haven't been told about it yet. They could be next, the San Mariners.

    Blimey, that must have been scary. I'm awfully glad he didn't. Not that I care much about him.

  4. 1I thought Cyprus was like Switzerland - loaded with other people's "dirty washing."

    2Perhaps you have email updates? Or just click what you want to read, without an aggregator flooding you with stuff you don't want. Like question #3.

    3To sell surplus sweaters?

    4Holding it in reserve?

    5 He's from Mackay!Can I send you some more?

  5. 1. I'm only little yet often need bailing out.
    2. You are clever and can function happily without erratic lists.
    3. Don't know, but the pictures were probably pretty.
    4. Clueless. I need help with this question as per my answer to no.1, plus I thought San Marino was in Switzerland.
    5. I don't know, but if I see him I will give him a slap for you.

  6. Well, it's a good thing I've got a highly efficient scroll wheel on my mouse, 'cos I've jest spent half an hour looking back to what my questions were, to work out what your answers meant. Thank you all so much fer clearing that lot up, an'enjoy your tax holiday and haircut in Andorra.
    Sorry, it is Sunday night ...!

  7. I'm so glad everyone else has answered so fully and entertainingly as I was completely stumped by all of the questions. Can only assume that my brain reserves are completely gone.

  8. I've always felt that 'Eurozone' sounds futuristic and vaguely Sci-Fi. Poor Cypriots, being controlled by beings, identifiable by their VW key fobs.