Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fun with Plugholes

Today, nothing original or inspired, because I’m far too occupied with other things for creative thought.  So just a few quotes from the packaging of my brand-new bottle of Plughole Unblocker:

·         New power formula even more effective at dissolving hair and sludge.

·         Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

·         Do not breathe fumes.

·         Wear protective eyewear, clothing and gloves.

·         If swallowed, rinse mouth.  Do NOT induce vomiting.

·         If in eyes, rinse continuously with water for several minutes.  Immediately call a POISON CENTRE or doctor.

·         Follow us on Facebook for exciting news and competitions.

·         Plugholes need love too.  


  1. Aaaah! I'm off now to love my plughole.

  2. This is weapons grade stuff.

  3. That's what they call tough love is it?

    We had an insecticide spray which advised keeping the doors and windows open while you sprayed the room and then not entering for several hours. the logistics were too difficult for me and I never used it.

  4. Whose hair are you dissolving?!

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  6. So that's what this Facebook thing is for.
    I wondered.

  7. Yeah, I wouldn't do this to anyone's (except G Osborne perhaps, but I don't love him, or his plughole).
    Zig, how am I meant to know that? Mine, probably. Too late to do the DNA, the sink's draining nicely now.
    I was really hoping someone'd go and look up the exciting news and competitions, but realised I hadn't given the link. Oh well, learn and move on...

  8. Wouldn't it be easier to just use a sink strainer thingy?

  9. I shall make a note of my nearest poison centre.

  10. it was the phrase "hair and sludge" that made me gag slightly...

  11. Sink strainer thingy doesn't capture shaving residue, Di. (Just take it on trust.)
    Z, I'm sure poison centres are FB Friends of Buster drain people (who, btw, say follow them but coyly don't name their page).
    CQ, me too. That's why I felt compelled to share. Think of it as therapy.