Monday, 8 July 2013

Lord Murray of Wimbledon

Or: Lord Cameron of Wherever?
Anyone remember Sir Fred Perry?  I thought not, because Fred wasn’t knighted for winning Wimbledon three successive times back in 1938.  He didn’t even get a *BE.  Perhaps Neville Chamberlain had a better sense of proportion than our current Prime Minister, who is on record as believing that he ‘can’t think of anyone more deserving of a knighthood [than Andy Murray].’ 
I can, but I’m not going to start the list here, because that would be to open up a can of all sorts and sizes of worms. 
I wouldn’t dream of denigrating Andy’s achievement, he’s a superb athlete and may well turn out to be one of the greatest tennis players ever.  But to be awarded a K for being the guy who broke a 76-year record of failure isn’t the marker I’d want to put on my CV. 
Especially if I were to acquire this honour for being the guy who broke the Curse of Cameron.
Still, a Mail headline is worth a few thousand votes, innit?


  1. 4 British wimmin have won Wimbledon since Fred but they don't seem to count. Perhaps Mr Perry didn't get a knighthood because when it came to riding into battle on his charger he buggered off to the US of A.

  2. My husband has been muttering about this too (or rather shouting at the car radio when the news was on). Sir Bruin doesn't think winning a tennis match justifies a knighthood. I have pointed out that Bradley Wiggins got one for riding a bicycle.

  3. In fairness Andy Murray has said, "It's a nice thing to have or be offered but I don't know if it merits that." If the truth be known, Tim, I think Andy would be the first to agree with you. But what's a politician to do when Scotland's first minister is waving the Saltire behind your back at every opportunity?

  4. I got my dates wrong - Fred's third win was in 1936, not '38. So the PM was Baldwin, not Chamberlain. Apologies. The point stands, though.
    Who said politics and sport don't mix? Almost certainly a politician, whilst busy with the mixer.

  5. There's a good leading article in today's Times saying it is faro too soon for a knighthood for Andy M, and while I am full of admiration for him I think that's right.

  6. Actually, that looks a bit dodge. Wasn't meant to be. Thank goodness I didn't say mixed doubles.

  7. Doubles entendres in the mix? Probably not.
    Reminds me of a Ronnie Corbett joke though.

  8. Should we be giving a Scot an honour? Surely they can have their own by now - "Order of the Scottish Salmond" or something? And isn't this the first time he's looked anything other than miserable?