Monday, 29 July 2013

Petrol flow theory

I was going to analyse why reducing the number of pumps from twelve to six has improved the level of service at my local filling station, but I can't be bothered.

Here are the hi-res state of the art graphics of the before and after configurations.  (Not to scale.)  Work it out for yourselves.




  1. Is it the massive queue for the Wild Bean Cafe that is the problem?

  2. Oh, Tim! Shouldn't you think of taking up a hobby? Or even cleaning the oven (I have never cleaned an oven, but I believe there are people who do).

  3. That's a factor, Rog. But the main point is that, under the old layout, you had to wait for two cars to get out of the way, as opposed to only one now.
    Frances - I cleaned my oven once, after about five years. The food didn't taste any different, so I haven't bothered since.
    I might post about hobbies later, if I can spare the time.

  4. I suppose I'd still wait in the wrong queue, the one where the driver took ages to go and pay.

  5. As a postscript, I pulled in there this morning to fill up, and they'd run out of unleaded. I'll obviously have to update my graphic with some big question marks.