Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Haunted House

It is reported (Guardian, today, page 19) That the Prime Minister of Japan has refused to move into his official residence because of fears that it might be haunted by the ghosts of previous incumbents.

Having hacked into GQHC's tapes of certain intimate conversations, I can reveal that it's not the only place:

DAVE: Sam!  Sam?
SAM: Wha?
DAVE: Can you hear voices?
SAM: Voices?
DAVE: Yeah.  Listen -



  1. Desperate refrains of "I'm a sole man" were heard as the voices of the ghosts in the Machine evaporated them into oblivion.....

    "Hold on, I'm coming" was not heard.

  2. I recognise Disraeli in there. I suspect Dave agrees with him by now.

  3. Three Dizzies in there, Z. Nobody else has risen to the challenge (apart from my brother, who gets the prize for Missed Point Of The Week), so unless I receive any more submissions in the next 24 hours, you win. (I'm not sure what...) I'll publish the full answers tomorrow (if I can be bothered).

  4. So there are. I can't do a full list, but I could have a stab at half a dozen or so, since no one else has...

    England does not love coalitions - Disraeli
    Y'know - Blair
    I've not got a reverse gear - Blair
    Business as usual - can't remember
    Damn your principles - Dizzy
    This is not the end - is that Churchill (not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning?)
    A fit country - oh crumbs. I know. I'll come back to it.
    Community of Europe - dunno - Heath?
    Lies, damn lies - Dizzy again
    No time for a novice - that's Brown
    Balance of power - don't know
    On and on and on - Thatcher, I think
    Done very well out of the war - I'll kick myself when you tell me.

    oh - Fit country - was it Lloyd George?

    H'm. At least I tried...

  5. business as usual - Asquith

    ... just passing... in Victoria BC you know ... it's very nice here and they have a little St Paul's.

  6. although just having googled it, it says Churchill ... just carry on as if I'd never been that ghostly voice from the past even if it is only 9 hours.