Monday, 12 August 2013

Oh boy ...

I heard the news today.  Thames Water have applied to Ofwat to be allowed to increase their prices, in breach of an agreement not to do so until 2015.  One of the reasons given is that they're losing money because poorer people are failing to pay their bills.

(Meanwhile, thousands of gallons are pouring down my road from a leak at the top, and have been for eight hours or more.  No sign of any repair work.  What a waste.  Could have been used for fracking.)


  1. 1. Get the poorer people who can't pay their bills to queue up in your road with buckets

    2. Job done

    1. And charge them £29 for the tip. Oh, and the loan of a bucket.

  2. There was a suggestion that shareholders pay the shortfall in reduced dividends, but that was rejected, I understand, in favour of those who do pay their bills being expected to subsidise those who don't.

  3. The leak up the hill has now been plugged, so don't bother queuing up at my door with your buckets, paupers. Nice idea though, akin to 'rent to rent'.

    Z, I don't normally think of you as cynical - more sweetness and light - but ...

  4. It must be true, I heard it on the Today programme.

  5. Can't the people who don't pay their bills get cut off?

  6. That's a good idea, AQ. I'm sure the food banks dish out free Evian, don't they? Doesn't get Thames Water their money, though.