Friday, 23 August 2013


“…the balance of power …”                                       Sir Robert Walpole
“England does not love coalitions”                              Benjamin Disraeli
“…lies, damn lies and statistics!”                                 Benjamin Disraeli
“Damn your principles!  Stick to your party!”         Benjamin Disraeli
“We are part of the community of Europe”             William Gladstone*
“… a fit country for heroes to live in”                     David Lloyd George
“… done very well out of the war”                              Stanley Baldwin
“… business as usual”                                                 Winston Churchill*
“… This is not the end…”                                           Winston Churchill
“… on and on and on …”                                            Margaret Thatcher
“I’ve not got a reverse gear”                                        Tony Blair
“Y’know…”                                                                You know this one
“This is no time for a novice.”                                     Gordon Brown
*Yes, these surprised me when I found them.


  1. But what I can't remember is who had done very well out of the war.

  2. "Can you smell burning?" Joan of Arc

  3. I didn't know the "damned lies" quote came from Disraeli.

  4. Z - you expect them to fess up? It was the grandparents of BaE, obvs.
    Sir B, J of A doesn't figure in my Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 'fraid. Don't think she was much of a talker. (Unless you accept GBS's account.)
    Mig, I was delightedly surprised by that one too. (I trust in my O D of Qs.) I intend to find out a bit more about Dizzie.