Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dylan does it again!

He's a bottomless pit!

Like the rest of the universe, I was utterly perplexed by 'Self Portrait' when it cam out in 1970.  (Mind you, I was pretty well pretty perplexed by pretty much everything, that year.)  So I was seriously perplexed by this new double album, 'Another Self Portrait'.  If the original was so awful ('what is this shit?' is the famous review by Greil Marcus), how much worse can the out-takes be?  So I bought it today, just to find out.
I've only listened once  to disc 1, a mere seventeen tracks, but I can report as follows - it's bloody marvellous!  Why he didn't release this stuff back then, nobody can guess, except the Bobster.  And as always, he's not telling.

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