Friday, 4 October 2013

They’re closing in on me!

Since I posted this over a year ago, the range of targeted adverts has narrowed drastically.  No more solar panels, female fashion accessories or baby buggies.  No, now they’re homing in on the fundamentals.  I am desperate for life insurance, private health insurance and payday loans.  And Amazin’ are even more convinced of my need for yet another copy of ‘The Essential Jerry Lee Lewis’.  (Can’t have too many of those, can you?*)
Isn’t it good when you see technology working as it should?
The spam is even more impressive – I now know that I need ophthalmic treatment (true), in Dallas Texas (less true), and that several effusive admirers of my blog would love to enhance certain aspects of my anatomy.**
But this morning brought a real delight.  Yesterday afternoon, I’d booked transport to Jersey, for Christmas with my relatives there, with a small, very customer-friendly airline.  They try so hard, you almost feel sorry for them, because in my inbox was an offer, as a new customer, of a discounted Christmas break, in Guernsey.

* I may just have given myself a theme there for tomorrow’s post.
** I’m not convinced.



  1. The trouble with Amazin' is that they take absolutely no account of the fact that at least half my spending with them is gifts for other people and then send me endless updates based on my present buying.

    I get so much email advertising that I delete about two thirds of it without ever opening the mails. Trip Adviser caught me out nicely earlier this year. They sent me an email stating that a friend had not liked a hotel in Norwich and would I like to read her review. Being a nosey bugger, of course I followed the link and read my acquaintance's account of her disappointing stay. Trip Adviser then emailed me on no less than 3 occasions to ask if I was still looking for accommodation in Norwich. Be careful what you click on.

    I'm also amused that La Tasca still send me regular updates. Sir B and I used to love La Tasca in Bury St Edmunds (we had our wedding breakfast there) but it closed over a year ago and I have no idea where the next nearest one is. And Yo Sushi! I live 60 miles from your nearest branch, so I'm not going to be buying my lunch there.

  2. They haven't caught up with me yet. I still get email from 'ladies' offering me love and relationships and friendship and all sorts.