Monday, 23 June 2014

Hyperactive teenage tadpoles (cont’d)

Has anyone been ‘upgraded’ to the all-new BT Mail service recently?

Have you yet torn out all your hair or smashed yourself in the teeth?

BT have been trailing their divorce from Yahoo for over a year now, and the decree nisi finally came through last Friday.  You’d think that’d be long enough to provide, at the least, a stable service which doesn’t crash every few hours (if it manages to load in the first place); also that one would be able to do, at least, everything one could before.  (It’s supposed to be ‘better’, to use their word.) 

But no.  I had a call from a nice man in Mumbai, who unfortunately had clearly never seen this system before.  He took over my screen and clicked around all over the place, checking all the settings I’d already (obvs) checked, before informing me that ‘this function is not supported by the new BT Mail’.
(For the record, the function in question is the ability to skip to the next or previous email.)

I fumed for a bit, and muttered about switching to gmail.  (This may yet happen, those of you who have my email address, watch this space…)  Then I clicked on to Blogger (another Google ‘service’), to find that my dashboard can now only show one post at a time from my so-called Reading List.  I’ve been away, so hadn’t noticed this, but apparently the problem has existed for at least a week; hundreds of people have complained, and been exhorted to be patient.

I think I’ll buy a batch of postcards and first class stamps and send my communications by the Royal Mail.  Oh, hang on –

Send me an email, drop me a line, stating point of view.


  1. Indicate exactly what you mean to say, yours sincerely, wasting away!

    My Blogger reading list has been playing up for so long that I haven't bothered to look at it for months. I rely on updates on the sidebar of my blog, which doesn't always work either.

    Why do email providers keep messing with our service? Yahoo mail has started putting sponsored advertising at the top of the inbox so that it almost looks like an email. Grrrrrrrr! I went over to Yahoo because I found that friends and acquaintances could not keep up with my switching email address every time I switched ISP. Of course, the problem with any 'free' service like Blogger and Yahoo mail is, given that I am not paying for the service, am I really in a position to complain?

  2. I suggest getting a gmail account and saying the opposite of yoohoo

  3. I decided years ago that I'd only use free email, so that I didn't have to lose my email address every time I switched providers. We do have a BT email but we never use it. Mind you, the gmail notifier was withdrawn a few months ago, for no apparent reason except to force people to switch to Chrome (it says their inferior alternative works in other browsers, but it didn't last time I checked) - with the result that I've resolved never to use Chrome.

  4. Don't it always seem to go, just when you think things are irrevocably busted and you're ready to chuck 'em all out the window and start from scratch - they fix themselves!

    Blogger is now back to, well, no worse than before, and BT Mail is, well, slightly less crappy.

    And my spanking new TV is fantastic! It's worked for a whole 12 hours, so far.