Monday, 8 September 2014

Fixing a Hole*

I know, I haven’t been blogging much lately, for too many reasons to enumerate here – some due to necessity, some due to mostly enjoyable distractions, lots due to, let’s face it, sheer inertia.

So it’s a relief* to have a genuinely valid excuse for not blogging over the next week or two – I’m going into hospital!

I’m so excited!  This will be only the fourth time in my life (not counting the odd A&E visit).  The first was to have my tonsils out when I was about six, about which I remember little except that I was forced to eat banana sandwiches, which put me off the things (bananas, not sandwiches) for years, and that parents were discouraged from visiting.  The second time was in my forties, to have wisdom teeth extracted; that was under private healthcare provided by my employers, which meant I had my own room in a very tastefully decorated hospital (without, of course, anything like an A&E department).  And the third, last January, I’ve blogged about here.

[The statisticians amongst you will have noted the increasing frequency of these events.  I’m not bothered in the least by this; the sample is far too small as yet to prove a trend.] 

I won’t go into details about this fourth one, except to say that, apparently, it happens a lot to old men like me, and will involve the micro-surgical equivalent of the reamer fitting on a Black and Decker.  It’ll be a piece of – no, better not say.*

Anyway, I’ve resolved, when I come home, to fix the hole in my blogging bucket.  I’ll probably be sitting around for a while, not allowed to do much more than read, listen to music, and write.  So, I’ll try for the ‘post-a-day’ policy so enjoyably employed by other bloggers whom I follow.  It’ll be an interesting experiment, given the enforced narrowing of my horizons.  Will my imagination be given free rein into hitherto unexplored realms; or will it be along the lines of ‘Got up.  Fell out of bed.’?  Who knows? 

* Enough with the clues: Ed.


  1. Good luck old chap! And I did spot 2 Beatle lyrics in this post.

  2. All the best, Tim. I was going to suggest starting the Inertia Society when you're back on 'form', but ugh...

  3. Hope all goes well with your hospital stay Tim. I've had 4 hospital admissions myself and am in no hurry to add to that number.

    Rog is more observant than I am; I had to re-read your post to find that 2nd Beatles lyric. I think they both appear on the Sgt Pepper album. If you get really bored during your convalescence maybe you could try hiding song titles/song lyrics in all your blog posts.

    I should probably do a bit more 'hole fixing' on my own blog...

  4. "Inertia" is where the Scottish referendum will be decided

  5. Where is Ertia anyway, somewhere to the right of Rershia?

    We'll be thinking of you bro.

    It won't be long, yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Don't stop your mind from wandering.
    Where it will go.

  6. Thanks all!
    There's a mistake in one of those Beatles quotes - see if you can spot it...
    And Liz, what a great idea. In fact I'll stretch it, and plant a few misquoted lyrics. If I can be bothered.

  7. Woke up to the fact that it didn't quite ring true.