Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tax Discs

Old-style bloggers, including me, seem to be dropping off the cliff by the day, presumably into the swamp of fyzzogbook or wherever, so I thought I’d come up with a really buzzy strapline to entice you back.

Cars sometimes get dumped in the Close by my house, and have to be checked out.  We usually let them lie for a week or so then have a closer look.  The best clue is: do they have a valid tax disc?  Or was.

I reckon it’s the first move in a cunning plot to monetarise the DVLC website.

By the way, for any collectors out there, I have a near-mint April 2015, carefully torn perforations, rare BMW example, guaranteed unique.


  1. They are just taking a leaf out of U2's book and dodging tax on their discs.
    Whatever next? Virtual Bin Collections?

  2. I hope no one dumps any more cars at The Close, I've got more than I can cope with already.

  3. I've checked all the cars which have been in my Close for more than a week, and I don't need to worry until the end of December earliest. (It's legal to remove your tax disc now, but they'd have to return to the car to do that, wouldn't they? - and then I'd have 'em, hah!)

    I trust you've deleted them from iTunes, Rog, and invoiced them for the time and inconvenience. (Charge double if you accidentally listened to any of the damn thing.) Their address is 'U2, c/o Apple, Somewhere Off The Shore of Ireland.'