Friday, 3 April 2015

Dw i heb dy weld ti ers talwn!

Off to open up the caravan tomorrow, which will doubtless inspire me to resume blogging – SAD always sets in in March, and I need kickstarting, which a visit to West Wales usually achieves, especially when the weather is as good as promised.  I quite liked the Plaid Cymru lady in the debate, didn’t you?  And of course Nicola is a star.  What a shame they don’t want to be British.  If they were, I’d vote for one or other of them.

Meanwhile, a few Cameronisms which almost make you warm to him:
  • In the brilliant documentary about Parliament the other week, he informed us that the place was “half church, half museum, and half public school.”
  • At PMQ last week, he said “A straight answer deserves a straight question.”
  • And in yesterday’s debate, he informed us that “There are three sides to this coin.”

Iechyd da!


  1. Have a great break, Tim. Nicola is, indeed, a star. Pity we're left with such a bankrupt bunch to choose from.

  2. Nicola Sturgeon is mega annoying. The SNP are going to keep blackmailing us until they get full independence and all our money.
    David Cameron is the only sensible vote this time round - any other choice than a majority Tory Government will be a tragedy.