Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Christmas Card Audit 2016

I was veering towards another indolence year (like 2014), but overwhelming public demand from Sir Bruin has persuaded me to make the effort.

Executive Summary: 

Note: For the first time, this year’s audit includes cards received by both me and Z.  This does not, of course, affect the overall findings, but I just wanted to say so. 

This appears to have been a year of consolidation, with few significant changes to previous trends.  Points of note:
  • Animals and Birds are holding up well.  I have again given a breakdown of this category, with a further sub-division of the birds. 
  • Robins have made a small but welcome comeback, as has snow.
  • There are a few interesting new categories: mailboxes, choirboys and – surprisingly - booze.
The full figures (2015’s, where applicable, in brackets):

Snow/Snowmen/Snowflakes:               10 (2)
Santas/Reindeer:                                  3 (1)
Animals/Birds:                                     16 (13)
of which

Robins:                                     3 (1)
Free-range reindeer:                 3 (4)
Horses:                                     1
Foxes:                                      1
Sheep:                                      1
Cats:                                        1
Squirrels:                                 1
Wrens (we think):                   1
Owls:                                       1 (1)
Penguins:                                 1
Partridges (in pear tree):          1
Bullfinches:                             1
Landscapes:                                         4 (4)
Nativities/Wise Men/Angels:              7 (6)
Christmas trees/Baubles:                     9 (6)
Abstract:                                              2 (3)
Mail-letterboxes:                                 3
Choirboys:                                           1
Booze:                                                 1

Special categories:
Homemade/designed:                          4 (4)
Cards with glued-on glitter:                10 (12)
Wonderfully weird:                             1 (0)

I can’t nominate a Card of the Year award this year – they are all equal in splendour.


  1. When you consider the overall theme of our wedding presents, booze isn't so surprising really, innit?

  2. Your figures seem to support my perception. The demise of the fat cherub, thankfully, seems to be well under way. Thank you for taking the time to do the research.

  3. Rowan and I seemed to have missed our usual Xmas card competition of finding the most vile/nauseating card.

    I must remind him this year.

    I seem to remember a lot of holly.

  4. I like the idea of most vile/nauseating card, but I daren't - there's every likelihood that the person who sent it might read this blog.
    Apologies for the flaky formatting, by the way - it all lined up perfectly in draft, but when I published it, well, you can see the result. Blogger clearly hasn't heard of WYSIWYG.