Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Caravan Life is Alive and Well

Child: “Where’s my *insert child’s object of choice*?”  Adult: “Where you left it.”  Child (pauses): “I don’t know where I left it.  That’s why I’m asking you.”  Adult: *surrenders*

The craze this time was folding paper napkins into neat narrow oblongs.  There were also marbles and complicated card games.  I resisted engagement with any of this, of course, relying on Z to do what grannies do on cool windy wet afternoons trapped in a caravan with two small energetically unfocussed children.

It wasn’t all like that, of course.  We managed a fair bit of time on the beach, which had its usual effect on me.  When I rashly suggested that we might try a different one (I targeted Manorbier, partly, if I’m honest, because I really like the Castle Inn there and carefully timed the trip to arrive spot on for lunch), once the wind had got the better of us and we’d agreed that wasn’t on, Gus and Zerlina made it quite clear that they would much rather be back on what, to my delight, they called ‘our beach’.  (Technically, the correct term is ‘the local beach’, as my brother and sister will confirm, but hey, ‘our’ will do.)

I also welled up, briefly, when they came back up to the van and proudly announced that they’d once again climbed ‘Tim’s Rock’.  (Again, it’s more properly called ‘The Big Rock’, but hey again.)


There’s more.  I’ll post again tomorrow.

Still no rabbits.  I blame Joseph’s new lawnmower.


  1. Manorbier castle has fond memories for Kate and me. Oh, sorry, you meant the Castle. That too!

  2. I'm looking forward very much to getting back to Manorbier in October and I think you'll find it's my beach. Very nice little church overlooking the scene. I will also head East and check out your Rock, possibly taking some lemonade so I can take a "Tim's Rock & Pop Award" picture. These things require planning.

  3. About the only thing that 21st century children have in common with my own childhood is a love for the sea-side. There really is nothing quite like being at the coast.

    I'd love to do more exploring in Wales - it's 5 years since I visited north Wales and I haven't been to Pembrokshire at all yet. It's on the list!

  4. Hadn't realised you had a Pembs connection, Mark. World keeps getting smaller.
    Rog, it's at Wiseman's Bridge, not Manorbier, so don't hunt for it there. You could always appoint a Rog's Rock at Manorbier, of course, and I'd happily climb it.
    Liz, you really should!

  5. I'd never been to Pembrokeshire either, it's been a wonderful surprise. I'd have really liked to take the children to other places - Wiseman's Bridge is clearly the best beach and it's our beach, but there are other brilliant ones too - but it'll have to be when the weather is better, as it was in May.

    Looking forward to your avant garde award, Rog.