Thursday, 3 August 2017


I promised to tell you more about our caravan holiday, but it's too late to start on Ray's story now, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow again for that.
Meanwhile, here are two words I learnt on a wet evening: Scaup; and Mussitation.


  1. You've obviously been playing scrabble against your wife ;-)

  2. Close, Rog. Scaup (a mussel bed) came up a word game she was playing, so I looked it up. I then naturally had to look up mussels, to see if the entry included scaup (it did), and mussitation - to move one's mouth as if speaking, without emitting any sound; we've all done it - was the next word in the dictionary. N.B. If you can play that in scrabble you're even better than she tells me you are!