Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Dead Men Talking

Ticking down.  I can probably get a day out of most of these, more or less - meanwhile, guess the context (no insider trading please):

Parry; Bennett; Dixon; Dodds; Green; Watts; Pettoello; Read; Wiseman; Styles; Barraclough; Cushion; Harcourt Smith


  1. Dixon of Dock Green, Barraclough out of Porridge, Parry was a composer, have you misspelled Portobello Road? Hmmmmmmm. Connection escapes me, so far.

  2. Ooh, Charlie Watts and someone called Watts from EastEnders. No. Corrie. Curly Watts! Yes. Cushion? What? Hmmmmmmm

  3. Our school teachers, obviously. Who wouldn't know that?
    Bennet, head, caned me once, can't remember what for.
    Dixon, deputy head? Decent chap if I recall correctly.
    Dodds, Jasper. History. Legendary like a vulture. V scary.
    Petoello little chap with an arty beard? Can't recall what he taught. English?
    Killer Read (Reid?). Maths. Threw blackboard rubbers. Tough guy. Got me my O level though.
    Styles. Not Harry. Geography. Lovely chap. Refined my love of maps.
    Barraclough. Remember the name but not the subject or the person.
    Harcourt Smith. Music? Looked like a harpsichord?
    Will leave you to fill in the details for each. Where was Spurrell? Southbourne Prep? Morgan was head there. Did he look like John Thaw?

  4. Oops sorry was that insider trading?
    Someone had to do it.

    1. And there I was being as misleading as possible. Because I was an insider too. Not that I was at school with you, obvs.