Thursday, 4 January 2018

Timbo gets Shorn

No, that’s not as in ‘…of the Dead’.  My hair (certain male friends should look away now) gets out of control when it exceeds 2” (two inches) at any location and makes me look like a scarecrow.  So about a fortnight ago I started to try to get it cut.

It turns out that the weeks immediately before and after Christmas are not the best of times to access the only barber within a ten mile radius, so I spent the festivities performing my Wurzel Gummidge impersonation to a politely blind-eyed audience.  But today the master plan was kicked off.  I would rise early, grab a quick bite and cuppa, and get into town in time to be waiting outside the door when he opened at nine, ahead of the few remaining locals who hadn’t previously managed to make the cut.  (When I tried it on Tuesday, at about half ten, there were six in the waiting area, about two hours’ worth.)  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, as it turned out, nothing.  Z provided the transport (cleverly suggesting that she did the market shopping in parallel) and dropped me off at exactly ten seconds to nine.  I was first through the door, and was welcomingly ushered into the chair.  Exactly ten seconds after that, another man came through the door, looked a bit surprised, then disconcerted, then resigned, and sat down in the waiting area.  After another ten seconds (I am not exaggerating here), two more came in and did the same thing.  Hah! I thought.

It’s a really good haircut.  It took what seemed like ages but was only about twenty minutes.  I resisted the temptation to count, let alone make brief, smug eye contact with, the poor saps of runners-up as I left.


  1. Goodness gracious me. In my little town we have two dedicated male barbershops and at least three unisex hairdressers (why unisex? Surely it should be multisex) And I make an appointment (at my favoured uni). Called New Image. Proper job.
    Anyway, congratulations. Boomboodyboomboodyboomboody..boomboomboom.

  2. My hairdressers cuts men's hair too, but I hardly liked to suggest it. Outwitting the market day hordes was much more fun. And my first thought, of parking and walking to the barber's, was rightly superseded by my offer to drive the extra 200 yards and drop Tim off by the door - that extra minute would have made all the difference! Hah!!!