Sunday, 30 January 2011

Darling buds of January


You can't actually see them, because they're invisible to the naked lens, but trust me, those are definitely buds on the apple tree.  I hope they don't regret it - the early cold spell may have fooled them into thinking it's really the start of spring.  When I say 'thinking', of course, trees don't actually think.

There's a new white van in the Close.

Well, not new in any real sense.  It's been there since before Christmas, and is falling apart with rust and flat tyres.  The police say they can't do anything about it till someone moves it, which obviously isn't going to happen.  So we'll have to wait for the tax to expire at the end of March.  It's not even as interesting as the previous mystery van, which at least had bursts of activity to liven things up.  This one just sits there and decays.

I'm trying to finish the first 'new old song', 'Carry Me Away'.  I can hardly sit down for guitars, amps, drum machines, cryptic scribbles in notebooks.

It will get finished, though, quite soon.

I know, I'm rambling.  That's because I'M BORED!  Being bored consists of wanting to do something but not having you want to do.


  1. Well, that's just too bad you don't live around the corner because it's a big bore here today too. The hydrangea has buds...if that's how you spell it.

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