Friday, 24 June 2011

Post It - The Final Scores

My name is  not Inigo Montaya.  You killed my Post-its.  Prepare to be really, really, really bored.

1) EX BIKE.  I have promised to give my disused exercise bike to Alan so that he can, um, exercise his dodgy knee.  I need to dismantle it (the bike) so that it will fit into the boot of his car.
The Stickie goes to: Rosie, for a nice little scenario involving 'bike' and taking in all six.
2) BOL.  I had a pan of bolognese sauce in the outside fridge which needed to be frozen.  Or eaten.
The Stickie goes to: Christopher, for getting the point, and providing several time-wasting avenues.
3) RING BELL.  I had to phone Professor Bell regarding the Neighbourhood Watch meeting.
The Stickie goes to: ElizT, for the most desperately inventive submission of them all.
4) 2 STRINGS.  I needed to buy two sets of guitar strings for an upcoming music project.
The Stickie goes to: nobody.  Nobody crossed the inventiveness threshhold.
5) CAROUSEL.  The kitchen carousel thingie, you know, the thingie that enables you to store saucepans in two layers inside that otherwise totally wasted space under the corner of the worktop?  Well, it's collapsed again, and I need to do a load of dismantling, reassembling, reinstallation ... Hello?  Hello?
The Stickie goes to: a joint award to Rosie and ElizT, for making it this far.
6) REMINDER.  I had to send out a reminder about the Neighbourhood Watch meeting.
and the Stickie goes to ... everybody.  You all reminded me that I'd embarked on this singularly ill-conceived project.


  1. This all seems most equitable to me. I'm happy to share my prize with the other competitors, Prof. Bell and all the Neighbourhood Watch.

  2. Christopher, I always try to lead an equitable life. And your generous offer to share your prize with 35 people is much appreciated. But the yellow Post-It that is the trophy in question measures 3" x 3", so I will have to devise a way of dividing it into portions of exactly 0.2571428 square inches each. Plus the issue of who gets the sticky bits. Could be a while.

  3. You really should go metric, it's easy then.
    My Post-Its are 125 x 75 millimetres. Very middle class.

    But I have also discovered the remnants of another old fashioned upper crust Post-It block (is that the collective noun for Post-Its? Or is it a Pandemonium of Post-Its, like Parrots?) lurking by the letter rack on the kitchen window sill. That one is a good old-fashioned precise 3 x 3 inches.
    I'm working on it.

    But the really pressing question is this: is there a different collective noun for Post-Its before use as distinct from used ones? Could it actually be a Horizontality of Post-Its (in their block) & a Verticality of Post-Its (used)?

    I'm pleased to report that there are no stuck-up Post-Its in my house.