Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Thought it was time for another joke

A man walks into a bar and places a frog and a rat in the counter.

"What's this?" says the barman.

"Just watch," says the man, and places the frog on the bar piano stool.  The frog immediately begins to play the accompaniment to a Puccini aria, not very well.  The barman is impressed.

"That's nothing," says the man, and gives the rat a nudge.  The rat starts singing the aria in a beautiful tenor voice.

"Wow, what an act!  You could make your fortune with that," says the barman.

Just then an impresario enters the bar.  The barman draws his attention to the remarkable performers, and after some persuasion the man gives another demonstration.  The impresario is highly impressed, and offers the man fifty thousand pounds for the act.  The man ponders this.

"Well," he replies at last.  "I'll take twenty-five thousand for the rat.  But I couldn't possibly part with the frog."

After some haggling, the impresario settles for this and leaves with his new acquisition.  The barman is perplexed.

"But - why did you sell that beautiful singing rat but insist on holding on to the frog?  He's not even a very good pianist."

"No," says the man.  "But he's a brilliant ventriloquist."


  1. Brilliant. Thank you. I shall be dined out on the strength of this. (Naturally I shall raise a glass to its originator.)

  2. Just don't let anyone kiss that frog. He won't be half so impressive as a prince.

  3. Rosie - I nearly heard that laugh from here. Could you try 16 point bold italic next time please?
    Christopher - dinners obviously come cheap round your way! I have many other corny jokes, and will be happy to trade.
    Z - I don't know, I saw Phil on the box the other night and he sounded just like Charlie. And vice versa. They're both good ventriloquists. Or frogs. Or both.

  4. Oh all right Rog, you're obviously a Guardian reader too because that's where I nicked this from about fifteen years ago.
    The full joke of which your comment is the punchline has to do with a turkey and a frog walking into a library. 'Buk? Buk?' But I'm sure you already knew that.