Friday, 23 September 2011


The Federal Reserve’s calculated decision to sell $400bn of short-dated treasury bills to finance the purchase of 6 – 30 year debt, rather than embark on another round of quantitative easing, may alleviate some immediate pressures, but it entails several risks, which are worth spelling out in detail –

Eh?  Oh, I am sorry, I seem to have strayed into the wrong blog there.  I do hope I haven’t caused too much distress. 

Right, I’m okay now.  I was asked to explain how I came to possess a spare clothesline.  But first I have a confession to make.  In fact, when my old one broke under the weight of too many trousers and shirts, I did not, as implied, install the new one.  Instead, I tied a knot in the old one, hauled it back up until the trousers were no longer dusting the patio, and took off into town to buy some CDs and books, and guitar strings and fingerpicks.  I should have taken photos, it would have made this even more interesting.

So, why do I (still) have a spare clothesline?  Serendipity, or perhaps synchronicity.  Two weeks ago, K (who’s 88) announced that hers had broken.  I offered, on my visit next day to Majestic for a top-up, to pop into the Range store next door and pick up a replacement, which I duly did.  £1.40 for 20 metres, that’s not bad, is it?  An hour after I got home, she phoned me to let me know that her kindly neighbour, Ray, had nipped up to B&Q, bought her a new line, and installed it.  We both found this quite amusing.  She offered to pay me the £1.40, but I said don’t be daft, I’ll hang on to it.  It might come in useful, you never know.


  1. That is a remarkably interesting story, Tim.

  2. [Very worap as well as gripping.]

  3. Z, it is always nice to see an instance of the highest form of intelligence.
    Eliz, I'm afraid I am befrazzled by 'worap'. It's not even an anagram. My synapses are sometimes quite loosely connected. Oh, and you should restart blogging.

  4. Synchronicity?
    I also have a spare clothesline. Of the twirly sort.
    I won't bother to explain why. The reason is not as exciting as yours.

    We know how to live it up, down here in Devon.

    uverson (I know, I didn't need WV to tell me)

  5. hmmm I have a spare washing line ....well it isn't really spare I just have not yet used it to replace the old one.

    A friend of mine told me that I don't need to climb a ladder I merely need to tie one end of the new line to the end of the old one and pull it through.

    But the old one has come off the pulley and got itself trapped so won't go up or down.....If I could just unearth the ladder from the back of a full garage.....