Thursday, 8 September 2011

Triple crown magic? (3,5)

Well done!  I have just completed the Guardian Cryptic Crossword (that's the big people's one) for the third day on the trot.  Should I:

a)  Wallow in hubris?
b)  Complain because they're getting too easy?
c)  Throw away the dictionary and the crossword list book?  or
d)  Get out more?

Postscript: it's not often I select a word which means exactly the opposite of what I intended.  I meant, of course, 'amour propre'.  I will try to avoid antonymy in the future.


  1. Hat Trick! I would do A myself as I can't do the buggering Guardian one and have to content myself with taking all week on the Saturday telegraph. I was pleased to hear Aurcaria on Desert Island Discs admitting he's not much cop at solving, only setting.

  2. So you decided to make hubris from the grapes, instead of vodka?

    D I think

  3. I made a gasper from grapes once. I now see why you anagrams on every corner. Don't be too hard on yourself.

  4. Antonymy sounds like a judge on Strictly or X F*cter.
    Why have two words meaning the same when one is adequate? Are there subtle differences between opposite & antonym? There are lots of examples: why do we have all those different words meaning "parasite" when just the one covers such a multitude of sins.

  5. No, Soaring, there is not a subtle difference between antonym and opposite. There's a stonking great enormous one. Opposite can refer to anything which has an opposite. Antonym refers only to words which have opposites.
    As for why we need so many interchangeable words - I dunno, ask Shakespeare or someone.

  6. But but but... everything is expressed in words.

    I'll try Shakespeare. Haven't got his email address have you?

  7. Just finished number five! I am Alexander the Great! I am Genghis Khan! I am Sir Henry Wood!
    All I need to do now is find an envelope to post off my prize winner.

  8. Sounds like you settled for a). I certainly would.

  9. Seventeen clues out of three attempted crosswords this week. Hubris time. Help yourselves to some schadenfreude.