Thursday, 20 October 2011

Caravan diaries: end of term report

Not much to report really.  Everything drained and shut down for the winter.  Very cleverly, I managed to use the last drop of water from the tank when shaving this morning, which saved some crawling around underneath the van.

The robin came in to say hello again yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, this time he left a calling card - well, more than one actually.  Luckily, for some reason I had some Vanish Carpet and Upholstery Ultimate Stain Remover, which got lavishly applied.  I read the list of ingredients: anyone know the difference between Anionic Surfactants and Non-Ionic Surfactants?  I only ask.

Halfway back up the M4, I thought I'd left some milk in the fridge.  That might not have been nice by next Easter.  As it turned, I hadn't, it was there in the coldbox when I got home.  It was just that I couldn't remember having taken it out of the fridge.  Is there such a thing as a false non-memory?

I have promised myself to get down there more often next season.  The flush toilet will definitely be installed by then, which hopefully will encourage visitors (of the non-avian sort).


  1. I haven't been to a Caravan Gig since 1970.

    A caravan in Pembrokeshire sounds more like Nirvana to me though.

  2. I've heard suggestions like "G&T" and "sundowner" offered as inducements, but "flush toilet" is a new one....

  3. I'm firmly resisting the temptation to look up the difference between Anionic Surfactants and Non-Ionic Surfactants. I'm very pleased that you read lists of ingredients, though. I thought it was just me.

  4. Rog - yes, it can get pretty grungy down there. But that's part of the fun. When you're draining the pipes, you have to get down and dirty.

    Macy - you need to click on the 'caravan' label to get the back story. Suffice to say that the flush toilet will make disposal of the cocktail waste products easier.

    Z - I don't normally read the ingredients of stuff I don't intend to ingest, but I was bored.

  5. We had a very similar false non-memory the first time we left the boat. We couldn't remember if we'd taken the sausages out of the fridge but we did remember turning it off and leaving the door open.