Saturday, 22 October 2011

Dancing Help - The Results

Thank you all so much for your contributions.  Here's the consolidated playlist, insofar as the songs can be found on Spotify:

Dancing help

The polls are still open - vote early and often.  But I am only allowed two candidates on the RSVP card (which has to be sent off quite soon), so in the spirit of modern democracy I am ignoring all your votes and doing just what I choose, which at the moment is:

Roadrunner, by Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers (sadly not available on Spotify), and

Express Yourself, by Charles Wright And The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band (on the playlist).

The wedding is on 5 February, so please feel free to stick this playlist (as amended) on and bop on down with us at about 10.30 p.m.


  1. I came across this (new?) musical concept of Live Playlists when trying to get an idea, in advance, of what we might hear in Bournemouth last Friday when Mark Knopfler & Bob Dylan were, for me, Bringing it all back Home.
    It seems people at the concert send the songs being played into the web & other people, tuned in to the relevant forum, presumably play their pre-existing versions on their machines at (almost) the same time.
    Um, wow.
    By the way, it was a fabulous concert.

  2. You are so lucky Soaring. No danger of them popping back from Europe to do Swaffham Town Hall I suppose?

  3. Rog, the guy to speak to is Guy (Fletcher) You can do so here.
    I asked him if, at Bournemouth, he could get Mark & Bob to do Blind Willie McTell (an outtake from Infidels, on Bootleg 3). Up til Bournemouth they had not been on stage together.
    I didn't get that but we did get them on stage together (Beyond here lies nothin') & Bob did Blind Willie on his own.
    So Swaffham? No probs for Guy to engineer I'm sure.

  4. I decided to eliminate the popular choices (no offence intended to those who proposed them, but they will inevitably get played anyway) and apply a bit of tactical voting. So, it's 'Hava Naghila' and 'Express Yourself'. The RSVP postcard has been mailed.

  5. You can singalongaBob to get the words right.
    Not one to hang around, Bob.

  6. Woo hoo. My toe may well tap.