Friday, 21 October 2011

Dancing? Help!

I'm going to a wedding in February.  The invite instructs me to name 'two songs you love to dance to'.  I've come up with 'Roadrunner' by Jonathan Richman, and 'There Must Be An Angel' by Eurythmics.  I know that none of my readers are invited to the wedding, but it'd be fun to get your suggestions anyway, and they can be stored up for future reference.  Dave's ideas would be especially welcome.


  1. Depends on the age of bridal couple, I suppose. And, perhaps, nationality and religion.
    Just to be sure of covering most bases, how about Gay Gordons, Hava Naghila and Sweet Leilani, in case they're Hawaiian.

  2. Er - I can't think of any songs I love to dance to. The last time I danced was at a ceilidh and the time before that was an Indian wedding. Sorry to be hopeless.

  3. Sorry Tim, the last time I took to the dance-floor was almost 40 years ago. I won't go into details, suffice to say I promised, never again.

    You might try the hokey-cokey. At least you'll be holding hands with someone.

  4. Two which immediately come to mind are 'Dancing in the Street' - Martha & the Vandellas and 'Chain Reaction' - Diana Ross, followed closely by the obvious 'Dancing Queen' - Abba! I still dance around the lounge quite often ....

  5. Land of a 1000 Dances by Wilson Picket.
    Love Train by the O'Jays.
    Roll over Beethoven by Chuck Berry.

  6. Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Sweet Little Sixteen
    and for later:
    The Lord is Listenin' to Ya, Hallelujah!
    Blind Willie McTell
    and for later still:
    The Piano has been Drinking (not me)

  7. Two songs I love to dance to. Only two? The DJ at my 40th party was presented with a massive list of tunes I liked to dance to.

    I may have chosen a dancing song on that blasted song challenge I have dipped in and out of on my blog, but I don't remember. So how about;

    "Dance the night away" by The Mavericks (cheesy I know, but it reminds me of my mum, who is a bit of a boogie monster herself, even at the age of 67)


    "Stayin' Alive" by The BeeGees.

  8. 'Brown Sugar' - Rolling Stones
    'Dancing Queen' - Abba
    and for later:
    'Hey Jude' - Beatles
    'Layla' - Eric Clapton