Saturday, 29 October 2011

Google plus

I've just joined Google+.  I have absolutely no idea what this means.  Something like this?

  • The ladybirds have made it into the kitchen.  I repatriated twelve, then got out the Raid spray.  I'm not particularly proud of this.
  • I have bought 'winter tyres' for the BMW, on the hope that I won't have to abandon the car quite so many times this winter.
  • Still haven't put any of the new strings on the guitars.  Must be done.
  • I have about four other things I want to blog about, but one will do for this evening (see later).

Have I got the idea?


  1. I think so, pretty accurately. And I realised who you were on Google+ before reading this, which gives me some reassurance that my brain still works.

  2. Is google plus a new sort of facebook/twitter? I'm getting a bit fed up with facebook - their latest change to the news feed is very annoying to deal with so I could be tempted to follow my friends elsewhere.

  3. I'm not the person to ask, Liz. I'm slow on the uptake in these areas, not sure I even 'get' Facebook yet.
    What exactly is a 'circle', Z?

  4. Just a group. For instance, you might want to show some photos or tell something just to your family, or close friends. Or have a circle for work colleagues so that they don't see what you're up to at weekends. Everything you write on other people's posts isn't put up on your wall like on Facebook, so you be discreet if you want to.

    When you write, you can make it public or limited, and the limited can be all your circles or specific ones. I've got friends, family, blogfriends, acquaintances and so on - oh, and one called 'the gang' for when I want to bitch about anyone or thing specific. Not that I do that sort of thing, oh no, not me, not often, hardly ever and so on.