Sunday, 16 October 2011

GV progress report

The grapes had to be picked and processed today, for three reasons: one, risk of frost; two, some turning into raisins; and three, avian invasions.  Here they are.

The ripe ones were stripped off the stalks, and 43 ladybirds (I counted them out, you can see the first one) returned to the wild, mostly back onto the vine.  I hope they're grapeful.  Plenty of grapes were left for the birdies.

Further ingredients then had to be added:

... and here is the progress so far:

The label on the sweet jar is, of course, designed to deter any burglars who might otherwise have been tempted.  And the glass of wine is, of course, totally irrelevant.

Next update somewhere around December 17th.


  1. Ooh, lovely. I'm agog already. And that reminds me, the Seville orange vodka has had nine months to mature, it must be ready.

  2. Nice! We're doing Damson Gin instead of Sloe which we usually do but we were given free range of a loaded damson tree last week.