Thursday, 16 February 2012

Songs with Punchlines

I’ve been working on this for ages, but can only come up with seven.  Mind you, my musical memory doesn’t extend much after 1979.  Anyway, here they are: 

The Beatles: Drive My Car
The Kinks: Lola
Chuck Berry: Memphis Tennessee
Jimi Hendrix: Red House
Ricky Lee Jones: Chuck E’s In Love
The Coasters: Shoppin’ For Clothes
Todd Rundgren: We Gotta Get You a Woman 

Here’s a Spotify playlist of six of them, see if you can guess which one’s missing: 

Oh, and as a wee extra, here’s one by me:
Sure Slept Well


  1. The last one had the punchline "The required plug-in is not installed".

    I'm a bath-empty kind of chap.

  2. I was offered a plug-in too but it didn't fit. Must have been round.