Thursday, 15 March 2012

Soliloquy after sunset

Venus and Jupiter were a finger’s width apart in the sky.  They looked similar, in the flat sky, two bright fires almost touching.  They were so close.  Love met Power – and they had so much brightness in common – and they met!

What a shame, it wasn’t true, an illusion and a delusion.  Venus, Love, is a hot seething lifeless cauldron.  Jupiter, Power, is a cold vapid ball of gas.  They are opposites, many million miles apart.  And yet we saw them together, almost touching, and we believed in them.  There’s no contradiction there.


  1. It's a celestial Hello Magazine.

  2. You're such a romantic, Tim.

    That is a compliment, of course.

  3. But had you noticed how Jupiter holds the horizon open for Venus to set first?

  4. Rog - I had no idea that Hello covered the relationship between Graeco-Roman mythological cosmology and modern astronomy. Must buy a copy.
    Z - I'm not sure I am, but thank you anyway. I thought it was a bit bleak.
    Christopher - It's another illusion.