Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Did you see how quickly this post got there?  No, of course you didn’t, because you don’t know when it started on its journey.  But I do.  Quicker than the speed of the Enter key.  Well, I say that, and I’m speaking proleptically because I haven’t actually pressed Enter yet, but I’m confident.

Yes, the new computer is here!  The nice JL installation man arrived on time, eleven-thirty, computer under his arm.  His job being, basically, to hook me up to the network, transfer my files across, make sure everything worked and get me to sign here.  The file transfer is an interesting one, because there are many ways of doing this, the worst of which seems to be Microsoft’s own solution, easy transfer or something.  I’d done a full backup yesterday to my external drive, just in case, which took about ninety-five minutes.  When Amil suggested restoring this, I expressed mild concern.  “It’ll take ages, won’t it?”  It took twenty minutes, after which I felt things were going to be all right.

I’d made a list of some of the software on the old laptop, ignoring the things I have no idea what they do (is there a grammatical expression of that anywhere out there?).  He suggested I just load up what I know for sure I want (helped me to do so, over and above the call) and let the rest take care of itself.  Very good advice – I had 26 items on my list, and so far I’ve loaded four.  It’ll probably be weeks before number five surfaces.

Of course, I had to spend the afternoon playing ‘boy’s new toy’ – this is even better than a new Dinky – and discovered at about 4.30 that I’d completely forgotten to have any lunch.

Anyway, as I write, it appears that in future I’ll be able to faff around on the internet at least twice as much in the same amount of time (I’m not telling you!).  So far so good.  All I have to do now is spill some wine over it.


  1. Glad you're happy with the new machine, Tim. What did you opt for in the end?

  2. We really will have to invent a term for 'all-those-things-in-my-computer-that-are-a=complete-mystery;!

  3. Isn't it time someone produced a programme which can tell you what all those mysteries do?
    It sounds wonderful, there are few delights quite like that of a new, fast,almost completely functional computer. Have fun : )

  4. Martin, it's a boring Toshiba L755, having decided to stick with Windows I decided to stick with TOSH, as they call themselves, and just bought the biggest numbers I could afford.
    Whatware? There's not much on here at the moment, I'll keep an eye on it. Best thing so far is a link to iPlayer on the desktop.

  5. I suddenly had a moment of panic on realising that Ronan has left home and so I probably will have to deal with the installation of my next computer myself. I think a bit more ingratiation with the nice people (geeks is a harsh word, don't you think?) at the Apple Store is in order.

    But this isn't all about me. Ahem. I'm glad all went well. Whisky is better than wine as it evaporates more quickly. Coffee is a total bugger and permanently wipes out certain keys.

  6. Coke is the worst. Not only does it glue things together, it also dissolves other things.