Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Guest Post – FIVE STAR BLOG!!!

p.p. Posy Tucker said:

Buy this hu-mung-ios blog!!

The impact this amazing, incredible blog has had on me since I started reading it in 2008 really, definately is impossible to under-estimate!  He (I assume it’s a he from the witty if false-modest name, ha ha!) always ceases to amaze me.  Ranging through diverse topics such as from global politics through what’s going on in the garden all the way to fine eating and especially drinking, you can see the quality of the thoughts and the writing steadily modulating, in sometimes unforeseeable ways, as each evening progresses.  Never one to eschew the Thesaurus either, hes more than happy to provide neologistic adumbrations, or whatever they are, when the right word proves to be elusive, or illegible.   And the rare illustrations are … well, Pictures!!

Read it, I promise your life will change!!!


Tim said: thank you, p.p. Posy.  I am working on your anagrammatic pseudonym.  Er, first word ‘sock’?


  1. Lamb Chop was a sock puppet.

  2. Sock puppetry is the practice of writing your own reviews, on amazon or wherever, under a pseudnoym. Thought I'd have a go at getting it spectacularly wrong, but I obviously got that wrong too. Sorry, must stop trying to be too clever.