Sunday, 27 January 2013


Some of my favourite bloggers, including scribedoll and Z, have declared that they are temporarily retiring from the blogosphere.  I may be joining them.
I sometimes muse (though not much, and not for long) about what causes us to do this in the first place, usually concluding that it’s what I might term a kind of healthy narcissism mixed up with a genuine outreach towards people you can’t realistically class as close friends.  It’s great, but we shouldn’t feel lack, or loss, or slight, or indeed anything, when it gets withdrawn.  Quite apart from anything else, this stuff is far too new to accumulate its own attrition of emotions.

In my case, I either will or won’t be blogging over the next couple of weeks.  Apart from shifts in my real world (details not available!), I face a gridlock of subjects I’d like to write about:

·         Prejudice

·         Mottos

·         Influential albums

·         Pernicious percentages

·         Multiple translation

·         Snowmen in the floods

·         Blue drinks

·         Red kites

to mention just a few.  I can’t start any of them (and new ones keep piling in).  I’m blog-blocked.  Feel free to kick-start me.


  1. Blog-block huh? Need me to pinch a few of your ideas??

  2. I only meant I wouldn't blog every day for a couple of weeks. It's a retirement in the Frank Sinatra sense.

    If by snowmen in the floods you mean the advice that building lots of snowmen will prevent floods, it creates a wonderful mental picture that I know you could turn into the most fabulously entertaining words. Do, please.

  3. Yes please Mace, could you do 'pernicious percentages' please, cos I've no flicking idea what that wa gonna be ebout.

  4. Z, yes I did but I'm fresh out of snow. Wouldn't it be simpler for you to take a photo of your androgynous snow person as he/she stands now? Just askin.

  5. My favourite "snowman" recently was spotted INSIDE the boundaries of the local bowling club, behind chained and padlocked gates. Now what kind of people frequent bowling clubs, and this is a serious question? Average age?? Well this was about five foot high, and can only be described as a snow "erection" and I think you know what I mean. Gave us all a good laugh.

  6. Blue drinks; I hope you do that one.

  7. I can't tell you why you blogl Tim, but I know why I do. It's effortless writing, which stops me from having to face the WIP (or puts it off for a while) but sort of feels like work. Because it's writing, isn't it?

    But please don't go away!

  8. My wife's sister's son (nephew-in-law?) had a few minutes to spare last weekend and made his own personal armée du neige at Kew. 169 strong, no doubt they would hold back the floods for a while and stop the Thames overtopping whilst they were at it. Work on that one, Tim.

  9. One down (see today's post). And Richard has killed the snowmen. (Snow is so last month, isn't it? Or will be by next weekend.) And Macy's volunteered to do a Wilbur Smith for me. Together we can crack this!

  10. All of those please. Though I am especially tempted by snowmen in the floods. And red kites. And prejudice of course - I love a good bit of prejudice. And I don't think you covered blue drinks thoroughly enough.
    (And I should certainly feel loss or lack if you were withdrawn.)

  11. But don't let that influence you at all. Oh, you didn't.

  12. Thanx all for your encouragement, which doesn't really help at all because even more ideas are crowding in as a result. Just a couple or three -
    Snowmen: I might write about what I would've written if I could've been bothered.
    Blue drinks: nothing much to add, Mig. I was ferried home in a lady's Porsche, which would've been OK under other circs.
    Martin, those albums are forming a list on my little jotpad - watch this space. (NB Input from bro Richard here?)
    Just at the moment, I'm thinking about History. So I'm not going away, obvs.