Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hours of Delicious Family Fun!

On a grey, drizzly January afternoon, when even the swish of the traffic in the road outside has lost its allure, few sounds are more cheering than the jolly rattle of the letterbox.  Especially when the failure of the incoming item to fall to the floor heralds without a doubt the arrival of a takeaway pizza menu:  because this means it’s time to play – *drumroll* – PIZZA BINGO!

The details will vary according to the particular pizza supplier (you can also play this with Chinese, Indian, etc., but pizzas are best), but the essence of the game is as follows.

Your menu will have several sections (type of base, standard and extra toppings and such), each containing a variety of options.  Assign a number to each of these, pick a random key and apply it to discover what your delicious meal will consist of.

For example, using my date of birth as the key to this menu from the Hut reveals that I could feast upon the following:

Tuna Melt Topping on a Thick-Crust Pan Base, with additional Spicy Pork Sausage and a side dish of Potato Skins with Cheese and Bacon and a Sour Cream and Chive Dip, followed by a Cookie Dough Cheesecake Slice.  Scrummy!

There, wasn’t that fun?

I should caution you that actually phoning up and ordering the stuff is for advanced players only.


  1. This is a different world for us country folk. We've only just stopped pointing at cars so Pizzas is an exotic other world to us. Do they slide the pizzas through your letterbox.

  2. I think they've been dipping into Heston Blumenthal's tome.

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  4. Is it all that healthy, organic, locally sourced foodstuff round yours too then?

  5. And to think you palmed me off with homemade leek quiche, Tim.

  6. Rog, I forgot - apologies! You poor vassals who have to deep-fry your own potato peel - come live in the Big City where you can get it delivered by email, probably. (The pizzas are pushed through the letterbox, folded.)
    Dinah - I am tempted to forward this to HB, but it's almost certainly on his Dat F*ck menu already.
    Macy, I have spent time in Cheesetown. You cannae bluff me.
    Z, if I'd known I'd've told you to bring your own leeks.

  7. I'll bring leeks!
    Round here the delivery people all make promises and then get lost. I'll try the email option one day though.

  8. Knowing my luck my birth date would produce anchovy topped vanilla ice cream with a side order of dough balls in a chocolate sauce :-(

  9. I think I'd stick to fish and chips. Safer.

  10. I was hoping you'd give me your own numbers so that I could offer you a custom-designed supper, but I've thrown the menu away now - but there'll be another one along soon ...