Sunday, 13 January 2013

In other news …

A scattergun post today, in line with my currently scattered brain, from the world of media fringes.
1. Where did Emsley get his inspiration from?

Find your nearest Katie Kambridge, compare and contrast.   

2.      The S-word doesn’t appear until page 13 of today’s Observer, and then only in passing.  Even more encouraging, no pictures at all of the slug-faced junk-garnished slob-draped swamp cockroach.  Other ‘news’ purveyors take note.

3.      Bowie’s new single is brilliant.  But is this the greatest marketing campaign EVER?

4.      For crossword aficionados mainly, but all fans of the human spirit may join in:  Araucaria, the greatest compiler ever, who is a retired clergyman aged 91, announced on Friday that he has terminal cancer, and provided details - by means of the solutions in a characteristically devious crossword.  “It seemed the natural thing to do,” he said.
And finally: Blogger has bloggered up yet again by apparently withdrawing the 'browse' option from the 'insert image' function, which used to allow me to select a picture from my own hard disk. I now have to upload it to Picasa Web Albums and select it from there.
Tell me I'm wrong, please, someone.  I'm going to be investigating Wordpress ...


  1. Hmmm A lot of the critics did say Kate looked older in her portrait. Didn't know that was what they meant..

    PS It's OK, you're wrong! Blogger still letting me browse for photos. I'm on Firefox NO IDEA if that makes any difference or not.

  2. Thanks Macy,I went to Blogger help and was relieved to see it's not just me - and does indeed seem to be browser-related. Their IE work-round, using HTML, does work. And it's given me an idea for tomorrow's post...

  3. Come on over, Tim.True, Wordpress have recently "improved " their photo upload thingy, but they still seem better than Blogger.Even using Chrome, Blogger was still testicularly elevated.

    I like Araucaria's sense of humour.

  4. Each time I look at Emsley's effort, I'm reminded of Lara Croft.

  5. I misread that as Emsworth and was quite puzzled.

    Araucaria is a stylish man. When my mother's terminal cancer was diagnosed our (mum's, my and sister's) reactions involved a good deal of black humour and I can appreciate what prompted him.