Thursday, 24 January 2013

Looks good to me

Email received this morning:


I am emailing from a leading advertising agency based in London.

I am getting in touch with you as I am looking for quality websites such as your, to place some adverts on your website and would like to know if this is something which would be of interest to you?

The placement of our adverts are contextually matched to the content on the page, therefore relevant.

Do let me know if you are interested to discuss any partnerships with us as we feel the positioning of your website will have strong benefits for both parties.

Please email me back with your thoughts or questions.

Kind regards,
Damien Cvetanovski


Hi Damien,

I’m very excited by your invitation, and if you can answer a few questions I’m sure we can do business.

As an enthusiastic reader of my blog, you’ll certainly have noticed that I am quite conservative as regards content and presentation.  I wouldn’t want any adverts to be particularly visible to my readers.  Is that okay?

Concerning the products being advertised, I take an ethical approach, so wouldn’t expect them to be in any way multinational.  Localism is fine, so neighbourhood soft drug dealers, independent pizza takeaways and the mobile numbers of those girls down the Oxford road would be acceptable – but nothing outside the postcode please!

We haven’t discussed fees yet, but I’m sure we can talk.  Given the faith you clearly have in my outreach, I would have thought £1,000 per appearance would be a kick-in marker, but am more than happy to work upwards from there.  What do you say?

I’ve noticed that you’ve issued the same proposition to other bloggers, via their comment boxes – I must say I find that a bit unprofessional, as I had the impression we were in a confidential dialogue – but no probs.  If we’re negotiating in public, I’ll just stick this on my blog rather than replying directly.

Subject to the above, I will let you have an accommodation address for delivery of the first brown envelope.



  1. Oh that 'Cheeky Cvetanovski', don't you just love him?

  2. Wasn't he The Exorcist? (Thatt's the chap I had to employ to get rid of Supernet broadband)

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Dame (may I call you that?) - I get anything up to 27 visits a day, at least two of them local, so no worries re catchment.

  4. Contextually matched to the blog content? That could be fun.
    Today's would no doubt be for anti-spam software. Recent pages would have snowshoes, frozen poultry or John Lewis who "offer a great range of winter warmers including bedding, candles, heaters and home decoration." I bet they'll pay at least £1k a click.

  5. I'm crushed. No offers in my in box - not enough quality I suppose.

  6. Damien reads my blog too, I had the very same email. Except for the name of the blog, obv. I have no idea how they'd match to the content of my blog, I don't think I could detect any pattern myself.