Thursday, 18 April 2013


I wanted to post something before I set off on my travels tomorrow, and struggled with selecting the most important of my scatterbrained thoughts, so instead chose the least consequential. 

[Oh if you insist – I’m off to Jersey again, on a two-engined aeroplane (both with propellers, I think), for my – and I’ve thought this one through – sisterinlawsmotherinlaws 90th birthday party.  Saturday night, at the best venue on the island.  I’ll let you know how it goes].

Oh yes, the watch.  It’s at least twenty years old.  Cost £300ish when bought.  A couple of weeks ago it stopped.  Just like that.  I assumed it needed a battery (although normally they warn you by double-clicking the second hand) so I took it into the shop and they sent it away for assessment.  Turns out it needs a full service, at a cost of about £250.  I asked them what it would cost to replace it, at today’s prices.  About £1,600. 

It’s being repaired.  I love it, it’s an old friend.  It’s not that often that sentiment and attachment coincide with financial interest.



  1. So you are celebrating being £1350 better off. Admirable positive thinking Tim!
    Have a good silmil party!!

  2. Have you got lots of watches? My husband has 5 and my brother seems to be trying to build up a collection too. Must be a bloke thing.

    I've always wanted to go the the channel islands. My maternal grandfather was a Guernseyman, so I'm most keen to go there but I'd love to see Jersey too (and Sark and Alderney).

    I hope you have a lovely time and I look forward to your review of the weekend.

  3. The Sage bought me a gold watch when we got married - I can't remember the price, but it wasn't much over £100. Several years ago, the same jeweller told me that that firm's prices for gold watches started at £1,000. I used to wear it all the time, I rarely do now, which is a pity really.

    Hope the party is splendid.

  4. Also, apparently once a decent watch survives 20 years and still works, it starts to gain in value. At least that's what the bloke who took my £245 told me.
    Liz, I think I have six, one of which currently works (that's the one I bought to stand in for the busted one). The others are lying around in drawers, not knowing what time it is.
    Z - I know, you use your phone! I'd never do that - apart from anything else, I'd have to get it out of my pocket, which defeats the purpose of a wristwatch, which is to instantly assuage anxiety.