Saturday, 24 October 2015

I'm really stupid!

Either that or someone else is.

I've just started using my iPhone as a camera.  I have a bunch of photos on there that I'd like to transfer to my computer, for obvious reasons. 

Can I work out how to do this?  No I can't.  Can anyone help?


  1. Is your computer a PC? (If it's a Mac then the iCloud will handle it for you)
    For my PC I use an app called "Transfer Pro" which lets you transfer in either direction - you just put the required ip address into your browser and see all your phone pics.
    If it's only a few pics you could of course just attach them to emails to yourself.
    Let me know if you get any probs!
    (The iPhone is a terrific quality camera I think)

  2. I can't do it either, Tim. I just email them to myself. This does have the benefit of making me selective as I only transfer the ones I really want to keep.

  3. Yes, mailing them seems to work, thank you both.
    I couldn't find a way of attaching them in the mail app, but could send them as a message from Photos.

    But really! I'd imagined I could just hook up a USB cable and the rest would follow, just like with my camera. Apple don't make it easy when non-Apple kit is involved, do they?

  4. Anyway, I now have six lovely new pictures to look at.

  5. It is crazy. I use Picasa which is very versatile.

  6. I couldn't make Picasa do it either. It kept wanting me to import pictures from my printer, doh?

  7. Tim, if it's a Mac, use Image Capture. Quick and easy.