Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How to waste an afternoon

A little bit of my little bit of Reading today. Something's in the air ... Spring, is it?
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  1. Lovely pictures. Yes 春天被反弹 (this is fun & I like the reciprocal).
    It's been a super week but due to go foggy on us this afternoon. Isn't that meant to be autumn weather? Perhaps yesterday was summer. But it can't have been as the clocks go forward, not back, this weekend.

    I've got round to uploading some of the Bequia photos here

  2. Well how about this, I reckon the BBC weatherman is reading your blog Tim.
    I looked at the forecast 20 minutes ago which said fog this afternoon & indeed last night they said that would be happening. After having pointed out above the unsuitability of such weather in spring, when I reloaded the forecast just now it said full sun all day & night - full stars later, actually. They must have realised it was not, after all, autumn.
    This has promise.

  3. Well done younger brother! Keep on suggesting the weather to the forecasters (could you include Norfolk too please).

  4. Thanks for the Bequia pics. Please transport me back there, preferably tomorrow.