Friday, 25 March 2011

It's all happening here!

A newsletter called 'Into Battle' from my local councillors yields the following information, which I feel should be shared with the world at large (or anywhere else) to assure you that it's not all Libya, nuclear meltdown and budgies (sorry, budgets):
  • Dominos Pizza have erected new gates at the entrance to their back yard.
  • The new Oxford Road car park gets very busy and is often over crowded.  The council have been asked to sort it out.
  • Some people are getting into the habit of fly tipping around the Kensington Park recycling point.  Signs have been put up.
  • Councillor xxxxxx was asked by a local playgroup to be Santa.  'I think the parents thought I really was Santa Claus,' he said.  'Sometimes being a politician can be fun.'
  • No news on salt bins.
  • 'Shocking' pictures show potholes at the bottom of Connaught Hill.  The holes have been repaired.

In other news, I have now gone 24 hours without taking any painkillers.  That's good, isn't it?


  1. Was it one of our skooltichers who talked about the chancellor balancing his budgie?
    Dominos did this to keep out the NIMBY element who had been able to scale the old gates?
    Car park too full? Redirect Libyan airstrikes. Sorted.
    Fly tipping? Bring in the spiders (preferably from Mars).
    Fun being a politician? Ask Gordon after his Comic Relief appearance. It can be even for him.
    But what about the pepper bins? No news there either presumably?
    The potholes having presumably skateboarded from the top. Or was that the potheads?
    And now the painkillers are all gone presumably it's back to the white powder then?

  2. Can you give us a hint as to Y it's called "Into Battle"? Are you sure it wasn't from the Salvation Army?
    Is there also a Councillor Yyyyyy? Are they Chinese or something?
    And sorry for all the presumptuousness in my previous screed.

  3. It's all rather comforting when I have to watch the International News from behind the Sofa.

  4. Soaring - anybody who can spell presumptuousness at one go is a friend of mine (though you probably babel-fished it through six degrees of retranslation before it came right).
    It's called Into Battle because the ward is called Battle Ward. Why that is goes too far back in Reading history for a blog comment. Out Of Battle would probably be better.
    Rog - nice to hear from you. I've watched your blog for ages, we have Rosie in common.

  5. Well, if you fell in a pothole here nobody would ever see you again. The rubbish collection is magnificent however. Glad the painkillers are over with. You'll be able to drink Rioja again.