Sunday, 17 April 2011

ARS revisited

I've been watching Antiques Roadshow for about twenty years, on and off, so I'm an expert/boring old git/ARS otaku.  I've loved it through all its incarnations, from money-grabbing 'what's in the attic', through 'who gives a x about the antiques, just pose a few dolly-birds in the background', back through 'here's a Constable which may or may not be a Constable', and 'I'm a really interesting collector of Matchbox toys, here are just a few thousand of them' ...

It used to skip unpredictably around the Sunday night schedules, which made for difficult logistics when my mother-in-law was round for dinner with her firm expectations.  But now it seems to have bedded down into the eight o'clock slot, which suits my eating and drinking patterns fine; and more importantly, to have stabilised into human interest.  Tonight we had a wonderful lady who used to do voiceovers for the female leads (Ursula Andress, Shirley Eaton) in early Bond movies, and a guy who was pondering whether to take his huge model of Asran the lion to Australia when he emigrated, because there might be health and safety immigration issues as it contained some real animal components, albeit dead ones ... and a beautiful worthless picture which linked back through the owner's family to Lord Byron or someone ...

I can even put up with Fiona Bruce for this.  The older you get, so does the world.


  1. Ah yes, I watched that one, what an interesting voice over lady, but I do get tired of people's remarks about Fiona Bruce and her amazing legs that go on forever.... I'm sure she's very nice...

  2. Only slightly connected due to the words "antiques", "road" & "show" in respectively different contexts I was (vaguely) interested to note that the UK Housing Minister Grant Shapps (born 1968, when Sgt Pepper was probably a pensioner & yes, the one who scrapped the wonderful Home Information Packs, where we shall not currently go) has been fighting to prevent the demolition of the birthplace of yet another icon of left handed musicians in groups called the Beatles, Ringo Starr: 9 Madryn Street, Toxteth, a toxically onomatopoeic suburb of Liverpool.
    Looks quite nice to me It's got trees. Very clean. You can park on the pavements. Never thought I'd say this but I think I back Shapps on this one. But the Council say they are all beyond economic repair.
    One man's slum is another man's heritage.

  3. Yes! And have they demolished that garage wall the Stones pissed up against yet? We must stand up and fight for and preserve our heritage for future generations, just like Ozymandias.