Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Chili vs. Bol

Making chili (or chilli, opinions differ, mine included) con carne (a caravanland staple) this afternoon, I remembered some people I know who make a batch of what they call 'bolognese sauce', then freeze half of it to turn into a chili at a later date, by adding some spices.

NO!  Though the basics are the same - onions, garlic, mince, tomatoes, oregano - these are two totally different dishes which must never be allowed to meet or interbreed.

Bol: good beef mince, chicken livers optional.  Chili: best method is to boil a lump of brisket then shred it.  But mince will do, and usually does round here.
Bol: fry in olive oil.  Chili: lard or goose fat.
Bol: carrots, celery.  Chili: green peppers.  And red beans of course (though purists regard them as optional).
Bol: milk, white wine.  Chili: a dash of lager.  Secret ingredient: a pinch of instant coffee powder.
Bol: eat with tagliatelle.  Chili: rice or tortillas.  (Texans use cream crackers)

There, now you know.


  1. Good observation Tim! I suggest you to try also to put in the Bolognese ragù a litlle "chiodo di garofano"...sorry don't know how to said in English ..garofano is carnation?? My mother was for Emilia and used this in the ragù,
    it is good also in the risotto with chicken livers.

  2. Cloves?
    [Don't put any carnations in mine please.]

  3. And a few ground cumin seeds in the chili please. I'll certainly try the coffee in mine. I looooove chili con carne.

  4. yes it is clove, sorry for my bad English! try it on the mince it's perfect!

  5. I do cloves with roast pork and now I'll ty it with mince. It sounds like a good combination.

  6. Didn't mean to be rude.
    [And maybe, if they are well sauteed?]

  7. Luca: thanks for the tip. I'll try it next time.
    ElizT: sauteed carnations sounds very Heston. Let me know how it comes out.
    Rosie: apple pie, garam masala... let's have 'nails of carnation' with everything. Not tatties'n'neeps with onion gravy though.

  8. We had haggis neeps & tatties the other night. A frozen haggis from whenever was duly unfrozen; the little blighter tried to run off once he warmed up but we caught him OK. Not really the time of year for it; was a jolly warm almost summery evening, not like Burns Night at all.