Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Crickets.....Please Don't Ever Change

This song just dropped into my mind for some reason.


  1. As far as I remember, when BH and The Crickets visited the UK in the late 50s some really switched-on promoter lined up Dennis Compton and Godfrey Evans, both equally bemused, to meet them at Southampton docks, or Heathrow, I can't remember which. No record of the resulting conversation survives. A pity.

    (Hope you don't mind me dropping in. Our paths cross occasionally in the Rose garden.)

  2. Dennis Compton - Crickets?

    I think there may be a connection....

  3. Rosie - play it to Alice.

    Christopher - Tex Mex meets MCC?! Lots in common I'm sure.
    You're more than welcome. I actually posted this out of sympathy with Rosie's sartorial discomfiture.

    Rog - this was the era of the Goon Show, don't forget.

  4. Oh Tim memories memories , I belonged to the fan club of the show 'Buddy' and had some fantastic times going to London and met the Crickets once there . Love Buddy music amongst lots of others - never tire of it !!! Thank you Valerie