Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Garden Hose

No, not those socks you wear under your wellies, but the user instructions for my new hosepipe:

Wait, there's more:

I managed very well up to step I.  But even with my Bletchley Park skills, I couldn't decipher the barcode.  And J completely befrazzled me.  And I have eleven bits left over, not counting the screws, rawlplugs and electric drill.

But water does seem to come out of the end.  I think I'll go and have a hot bath now.


  1. Well!! HA, HA. Brand new hosepipe here too. No instructions though. I did have to ask a friend to attatch nozzles etc. That's really funny.

  2. No doubt Thames Water will impose a hosepipe ban tomorrow.
    So the water police will probably impound it anyway.

  3. J looks like the inside of a Microprocessor only more complicated. It appears to be written in the International language - Ikea.

  4. Rosie - really, you were lucky not to have any instructions, weren't you? Were you trying to connect your hose to the Well!!? (Draping it across the ha-ha of course.)

    Soaring - water cannons are at the ready.

    Rog - at least the stuff gets from A to N, which is more than I can say for some microprocessors I know.