Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Fun with yoghurt

If you open your fridge door, you will probably be able to see a gap, down at the bottom, between the door shelf (the one where you keep the fruit juice carton, the jar of olives and the half-empty bottle of sauvignon blanc) and the wall of the fridge.  If you get the angle just right, it is possible, whilst getting out your Tuesday night left-over meal, to knock a tub of yoghurt off an upper shelf and make it lodge very accurately into this gap, without you noticing.
You then have to slam the fridge door quite vigorously.  Get it right, and the yoghurt tub will split precisely down its vertical axis and distribute its contents neatly all over the newly purchased fresh vegetables and salad in the cooler tray. 

I haven’t yet tried this with a full tub of yoghurt, this one was three-quarters empty, but I did conduct a comparable yoghurt-related experiment earlier this year:  exciting curry

[Count yourselves lucky, I was going to write about Theresa's black cat in Plymouth or wherever it was, or Gideon, or worse.]


  1. I will be sure to try this seeing as how you recommend it. I can't recommend juggling with a full sugar bowl when you've just mopped the kitchen floor.

    'a half empty bottle of Sauvignon Blanc?' This would never happen in my house.

  2. Half full, dearest, never half empty.

  3. That's very clever. And I like the exciting curry recipe too - I can also recommend lifting a freshly defrosted Madhur Jaffrey curry down from the microwave in a plastic dish which has softened slightly in the heat and lost its rigidity. If you aren't using an oven glove this adds spice to the expletive.

  4. Sounds fun. I'll give it a whirl...

  5. I was going to say what Ms Biro penned.

  6. Give me a break, BB and Rog, it was only 8 pm. And Z, I was in the process of emptying the bottle, not filling it.
    I shall try juggling with a full sugar bowl and a molten curry.