Sunday, 13 February 2011

Exciting Curry

Here's how to make a really eventful lamb rogan josh:

1.  Ensure you are wearing clean trousers.
2.  Follow the recipe on page 52 of Madhur Jaffrey's ' Indian Cookery (or your recipe of choice, as long as it involves yogurt).
3.  Leaving the pot on the top of the stove to come to a simmer, tidy up the kitchen. 
4.  In doing so, drop the yogurt pot on the floor, in such a manner as to ensure that the bottom 15cm (6") of your left trouser leg is thoroughly drenched in yogurt.
5.  Utter expletive of choice.  (I find a well-spiced one is best.)
6.  Run upstairs and remove trousers.  Rinse yogurt from trouser leg.  Stand there wondering whether to put trousers in washing basket or on radiator.  Decide on radiator followed by washing basket.
7.  Remember that you have left pot on stove, and dash downstairs just in time to watch it boil over.
8.  Wash kitchen floor and top of stove.
9.  Realise you are not wearing any trousers. 
10. (this step not yet achieved at the time of writing)  Sit down and drink as much gin as you can manage.



  1. This is the second time I have read this and I'm still laughing. Cheers.

  2. At stage 3 I was beginning to worry that you'd forgotten the gin - I should have read on .....