Thursday, 14 February 2013

Random Recipe Generator

When I became single again, five-plus years ago, I quickly worked out that one of the problems was going to be feeding myself.  I’d always enjoyed cooking, but I also have a lazy streak, so the temptation towards ready meals had to be recognised and countered.  I have a reliable repertoire of about eight proper dishes, which I’m happy to prepare when I feel like it; and sometimes I like just making something up.  I also recognised that quick and easy options, and even readies on occasion, would have their place, I wasn’t fiky about it, but I didn’t want to drift away from proper cooking.  So I invented this.


The idea was that I’d pick a main ingredient and then, by some procedure which never quite got developed, decide how and in what cuisine I was going to cook it.  For example, lamb shanks braised a l’italienne (except that that happens to be one of my standbys, but you get the idea.)

Of course, it never happened, and I’ve ended up with the eight, plus a smattering of easies and sluts.  But now that I find myself tip-toeing towards being slightly less single, I sometimes feel the need to create something that will amaze someone.  What I need is an app which will do what I never managed, at the click of an icon.  Spanish salmon risotto, anyone?  Or stir-fried middle eastern pork chops?  (Erm, maybe not…)

It needs a bit of work, I know. 


  1. Here's one Tim;

    I put in two ingredients - Vanilla and Fudge - but the result was a little overblown.

  2. The Epicurious app does just that!

  3. " that I find myself tip-toeing towards being slightly less single...."

    Is there something we should know?

  4. You don't do apps do you, or have you got some new kit?

  5. AQ, I was too polite to ask...

  6. Rog - I like it! Particularly the instruction to slice the orange juice. Doesn't quite meet my needs though.
    Z - thank you, darling; but these are real recipes, whereas what I need are impressive freshly-minted ones.
    AQ - not tellin'. (Yet.)
    Richard - you know me better than that. I have only the haziest idea of what an app is, never mind constructing one.

  7. I wish I'd read this before making dinner tonight. Spanish salmon risotto sounds wonderful. And here's the recipe!

  8. Slightly less single despite the easies and sluts???

    Goes to sit in corner with Z and AQ....

  9. Mig - you too have missed the point (though that quasi-paella does look delish). I'm after random surprises. My copy of the Futurist Cookbook, which I blogged about somewhere, is still on order from Amazingon, and the delivery date seems to get further away by the day.
    Macy - erm, that wasn't intentional, honest, but made me lol so I have to share it with, erm ...

  10. Oh, and we decided that the best paradigm was a fruit machine. Three elements (ingredient, cuisine, technique): pull the handle and see what comes up... (Fruit machines were once used in upper-arm physiotherapy regimes, apparently. Just passing that on.)