Sunday, 17 February 2013

Where next for technology?

The Observer is always a useful source for amusing trivialities.  So it is that today, on page 32, I learn that scientists are making valuable discoveries about long term climate trends by analysing the urine deposits of a wee beastie called the rock hydrax.  This creature apparently pees in the exact same spot in its rock dwelling place every day, and has done so for countless generations, thus providing dietary data going back as much as 55,000 years.

My initial thought was that I knew it’d been a mistake to clean the undershoot zone in front of my downstairs loo so often.  But then I turned a couple of pages and came upon a feature about Apple’s much-trailed iWatch, and how it would have to offer uses over and above those already provided by a Phone or a Pad; and I think I have a contender, albeit one which is marketable primarily to men (although many women might latch onto it as a winning Valentine’s present next year).

This is based on the observation that a watch, properly worn on the wrist, will be pointing in pretty much the right direction.  May I introduce, free of charge, the AAA app, standing (pun intended) for the Accurate Aim Assist.

Depressingly, I fully expect to be told, within hours of this post, that it’s already been done.  (The app, I mean.)  And yes, I do know about the fly painted on the urinal wall.


  1. And can I be first to point out that it is a big target ????

  2. I was reading the iWatch article when I was interrupted by a phone call just now. You know to whom I am referring. The phone call was infinitely more interesting.
    I had missed the rock hydrax article; I will return to it forthwith.
    You know me and technology, ceramic or otherwise.

  3. I thought AAA related to the creditworthiness of banks, governments etc.
    Ah, yes I see the connection.

  4. Not when you can't see the gun, Macy.
    Rog - yes, that message will appear on the nearest watch/phone/pad.
    RWL - I hadn't seen a connection; presumably you're taking the p?

  5. Why don't you just sit down?

  6. Zig, that is a very profound question about the male psyche, which I have no intention of answering.

  7. If you wish to keep your 'undershhot zone' (great term!) clean, you need a ping pong ball down the loo. Men seem to love something to aim for...