Friday, 14 August 2015

Job Done

Right, I've finished writing it.  Well, it's only taken about five years - not full time, but at least a day a month on average.

It's called "This Obscure Group", subtitle "Dave Anthony's Moods - a personal memoir of the best unheard band of the Sixties."  I've put a few edited extracts on this blog before, but this is the final product.  Or at least as final as it's going to be.  I could go on tinkering for ever.

So I'd like it to be read, or at least available.  Does anyone know anything about publishing (vanity or otherwise)?  It's long enough - about 42,000 words - to form a slim volume, especially if padded out with a few photos. 


  1. What about putting it out as an ebook? I believe that it can be done through Amazon. We have reached the limit of my knowledge now, sorry.

  2. I know nothing more than the Great Bear, I'm afraid.

  3. I've found what looks like a pretty nifty site here